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Proper cleaning of your HVAC will extend its life

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So you have spent good money on a quality HVAC unit, like a Lennox, and you want your investment to last long as possible and operate at the highest level. Is a simple installation all you need to do? The common sense answer is no.

Having the unit cleaned in a regular basis is vital, plus regular maintenance.  These units sit in small areas, usually indoors and usually in a closed-in area in and around San Francisco.  At the minimum, dust will collect and affect the unit’s performance.

It’s best to set up a schedule for the unit to be cleaned.  How often is up to your company, but you want it to be done on a regular basis.  The longer a unit goes with proper maintenance, the more damage that could occur, possibly as much as ruining the unit.

Even owning a car requires something more than just putting gas in the tank.  You need to change the oil, keep the tired properly inflated (and rotated), and have it washed often to maximize performance.

A successful and well-run company in San Francisco will know to keep its investment operating at peak performance.  Simply cleaning the HVAC unit is an important step.

So how do you clean it?  Do get a bucket of soapy water and sponges and wash it like you would your car?  Do you use sprays of sorts to clean it, like having your building washed or your over cleaned?  Do you just use cloths and wipe off dust, or maybe use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean it?

As simple and silly as this sounds, some companies are unsure just how to keep their working equipment clean.

The U.S. Department of Energy states that up to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling is wasted when a unit is dirty. Both the heating and cooling systems have to work harder, which shortens the life of the system.

Practically all units come with filters, but those should be cleaned because they get dirty through normal use. A clean HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature level your office needs for comfort. And the less energy that is used is translated into monetary savings.

There are cleaning companies all over San Francisco which specialize in cleaning industrial products.  And while the cleaning process might mimic what a person would use for personal maintenance, a professional specializes in using commercial-sized products and uses them properly.

Just like you call a plumber to fix a water leak, you call a specialized cleaning company to clean your unit.

Do some online research to find the company you feel most comfortable with. Start with a Google search and use the phrase “HVAC cleaners in San Francisco” and go from there.

Northern Services Inc., we are California’s premiere building and plant service company. We are proud to serve San Francisco.

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HVACs in San Francisco

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Here it is the end of August, meaning the end of the summer season (well, not technically, but for argument sake, the “summer season” runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day). Hopefully your air conditioning unit kept you comfortable during the summer.

While summers in San Francisco aren’t as brutal as they would be in a town in Texas like San Antonio, they are still quite hot.

Let’s use a five-month stretch of May through September as a point of reference.  In San Francisco, the average high for those days ranges from 66 to 70, with 70 being the average for September.

San Antonio, by comparison, ranges from 87 in May to 96 in August.

Regardless of the difference in temperatures between San Francisco and San Antonio, hot is hot, and staying cool and comfortable is a high priority.

One of the questions most commonly asked by homeowners and business owners is, “What’s the difference between AC and HVAC?” Well, those acronyms are quite similar. AC stands for “air conditioning,” and HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation and air conditioning.”

Having a full HVAC is your best option, a consolidation of two units to last throughout the entire calendar year. When it comes to paying bills, its so much easier when you can combine them into a few numbers.

You have your phone-internet-cable bill combined into one, right?  Well, consider doing the same with an HVAC. Your business has enough bills to keep track of paying each month, why have a separate bill for an air conditioner and then another one for a heating unit.

At Northern Services Inc., we offer a wide range of HVAC to suit your needs.  Depending upon the size of the commercial property in which you need an indoor climate control (that was a fancy way of saying an AC!), we can serve you!

Don’t be concerned on whether we have units for your building.  Our clients include hospitals, nursing homes, offices, data rooms, banks, schools, waste water plants, hotels and many more.

One thing we pride ourselves on is the ability to save you money, generally thousands, with our unbeatable structured pricing.

Call today for a quote and let us service your needs and get you back to feeling comfortable here in the great city and metropolitan area of San Francisco.

Northern Services Inc., we are California’s premiere building and plant service company.

19 OCT

Commercial HVAC Installations on the Cutting Edge

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Northern Services Inc is not your basic air conditioning company. I mean sure, we know our way around just about every AC or HVAC system you can imagine. But we’ve worked with some clients doing some truly unique things. We are always excited at Northern Services to take on accounts that require us to go to the limits of what’s possible in the industry. It’s not just that these special jobs push us, it’s that doing the extraordinary is the best way to master the ordinary.

This week we thought we’d give you a look at some of our clients who ask us to more unusual and creative things to deliver incredible air conditioning results. These businesses trust in our expertise to ensure the safety, comfort and satisfaction of their customers.

First one of my favorites: Wineries. Yes if you want to produce great wine you need to g high tech. See wine making at it’s heart is all about controlling incredibly complex chemistry and biology to deliver exactly the flavors and aromas you want. If you paid attention in high school chemistry you know that controlling the temperature is essential to controlling any chemical reaction. To make a reliable product that’s perfect every time California’s wine makers turn to the climate control experts, Northern Services Inc.

As a commercial air conditioning company in California we know how the weather here can stress and strain a high level system, wineries need absolute precision and absolute reliability. Maintaining a perfectly precise heat in a large space like a winery requires absolute expertise. But we go above and beyond the call of duty for these commercial and industrial air conditioning jobs. So next time you open a bottle of California wine, we hope you’ll think of us, we might have been part of making it come out just right.

Another interesting case is aquariums. It’s no small feat. An aquarium is a large commercial space with multiple tanks each requiring specific conditions. A commercial HVAC installation of that nature needs to be smart, it needs to be powerful and it needs to be 100% reliable. If an aquarium lost its climate control the sea creatures, some rare and valuable could suffer or die. That’s why they turn to us for top of the line commercial air conditioning and servicing.

Speaking of living things, we also work with biotech laboratories who take matters of precision and reliability to a whole other level. We can proudly say that Northern Services Inc installations, servicing and air conditioning repair is contributing to cutting edge research. By allowing scientists to count upon total control of the environments they can have faith in their data.

If you need a HVAC system for a commercial property like a hotel, hospital or school place your trust in a firm that can handle challenges at the top of our industries capabilities. That’s the sort of expertise and care that you want for your business.

Give us a call today and we can begin working with you to assess your needs and develop a quote for you.

12 OCT

Commercial Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

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If your air conditioning unit breaks down at home in the middle of summer you could be uncomfortable. If your AC unit or HVAC system breaks down at your business you will be losing money. Capable facilities managers and business owners know that keeping your heating and air conditioning in good nick is a top priority. You can have a great product and impeccable service, but it will all count for naught if customers can’t stand to be in your location. Much the same goes for offices. Even the best employees can’t perform when they are overheated. The key to any business is staying in control and that means being able to reliable maintain the temperature in your buildings.

To do that you need a partner that you can trust with deep expertise in the installation, service and repair of HVAC systems and air conditioning units. Northern Service Inc operates out of the bay area focused around San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. But our technicians are available for jobs across California. We are known in the industry for only employing the best and holding ourselves to a standard no other HVAC company can match.

When it comes to commercial air conditioning we are in our element. We have worked on some of the biggest most challenging projects in the golden state and always deliver. Our institutional and commercial partners have included Hospitals, Schools, Data Rooms and Ice Rinks. We have diverse skills and wide ranging expertise so we can be flexible and respond quickly to any problem.

We are still growing and always looking to build relationships with commercial partners who need the gold standard in HVAC servicing, maintenance and repair. Our staff include factory trained technicians who handle the most advanced chillers available in the industry. That means they know the ins and outs of the machines and know form the manufacturers its strengths weaknesses and where it needs extra care. That’s a level of training it’s hard to beat.

When winter comes around we are also equipped to handle boilers, as always up to and including the largest scales for commercial properties. Every facilities manager knows boilers are a big expense (and every time it breaks they point out they’ve been asking to replace it for years!) But not as many understand the potential liabilities that can come from a poorly functioning boiler. The most immediate concern is of course fire and carbon monoxide gas.

Matching the right boiler to the demands being placed on it is necessary to ensure economic functioning. Excessive boilers waste fuel and drive up expenses. Insufficient boilers drive out customers and tenants!

Fortunately we are ready to help. We’ll help pick the right output for you and install a highly efficient boiler to meet your needs. The long term savings that can be recouped from fuel and utility bills should always be considered when weighting the costs of a new boiler installation.

Just give us a call at Northern Service Inc, 800-594-9205.

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05 OCT

Reliable Chiller Servicing & Installation

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For any business in the retail and food service industry chillers can be a large investment. It’s one of those perpetual worries that they might breakdown or need expensive repairs. You can’t be too careful about your chillers. Even in you are covered by a warranty, insurance or service contract it won’t save you from losing valuable stock and suffering downtime is a chiller malfunctions. In particular you need to know that you are getting the best quality equipment and that it is being installed, maintained and repaired by the best possible technicians. At Northern Services Inc that is exactly what we offer to you.

Our technicians are factory trained. That is they work with the manufacturers of these units to ensure that they are installed properly. There is really no higher standard when it comes to installation. That’s crucial because attentive installation will make a huge difference to the cost of the unit over its lifecycle. An factory trained installer from NSI has his eye out for all the common mistakes that can shorten chiller lifespan. We know these machines inside and out and take pride in our craft. We’ve seen some horror stories in our time of improperly installed chiller units causing mayhem.

We install all of the major quality manufacturers, such as Crane, McQuay, Carrier and York. The work that we do is always carried out to the highest standards. We even work with rooftop top chiller units. These can be a solid choice as they keep the chiller unit away from potential vandals and also give an appropriate space for heat to vent. Though careful thought about placement, weight and structure are needed in order to make the installation safe and cost effective.

Good maintenance is also a wise investment. Our personnel are trained to keep chillers in mint condition. Inexperienced technicians can spot the early warning signs of wear and stress. Fortunately timely intervention will always keep costs down.

Whether you are installing a new system, need urgent repairs or just looking for a new servicing and maintenance contractor check out Northern Service Inc. There name is synonymous in San Francisco and the entire bay area with quality workmanship and great service. For a taste of what to expect why not check us out on Yelp. Dozens of happy customers have testified to our handiwork.

Many companies are not equipped to handle the demands of institutional and commercial properties. But facilities managers in San Jose, Oakland and can rest assured. Our accounts include Hospitals and cold storage warehouses. So we can handle the biggest jobs even when there are lives on the line.

29 MAY

The Importance of Great Cooling Systems in Computer & Server Rooms

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Operating in the Bay Area out of San Francisco and Oakland Northern Services Inc has the great privilege of catering to many clients in Silicon Valley around San Jose.

Cloud services have increased the need for data rooms. The information age still runs on solid engineering and mechanics in the form of quality servers. At Northern Services Inc we know what it takes to keep the internet running: reliable, high performance cooling.

A data room or sever farm is a highly valuable and highly vulnerable concentration of capital. In the worst case scenario a cooling failure can lead to critical hardware damage due to overheating costing thousands of dollar and potentially losing irreplaceable data. A wise company would include safeguards such as backing up data offsite and automatic power downs in the case of high temperatures.

Regardless a failure in a computing room AC system will lead to considerable downtime, angry users and lost money. That’s why many companies trust Northern Service Inc. Our service personnel are among the most qualified and trusted in the business. We understand the responsibility that comes with servicing a data room or installing cooling systems for a server center.

We focus entirely on large scale commercial installations and servicing.  Beware inexperienced companies who only occasionally dabble in commercial air conditioning installation. Ask any candidates how many similar installations they have done and to give references.

Our personnel can provide incredible service and guidance through the entire process of fitting and maintaining your cooling system. We can assist in calculating the power of the system you require (BTUs), plotting out the most effective path for running shafts and undertaking regular maintenance.

We are Californian owned and operated offering the best service in the entire state. It all starts with getting a free quote http://www.northernserviceinc.com/contact-us-free-quote/

Located in San Francisco, California, we specialize in the service and installation of Chillers, Boilers, Refrigeration, Cooling Towers, Open Drives, HVAC, VFD’s and Energy Management Systems. All of our work and equipment is proudly warranted.

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