You May Need HVAC Repair or a Refrigeration System Install

If you are reviewing this page, you probably have an issue related to heating or air conditioning. The acronym used for this function is HVAC for “heating, ventilation, air conditioning.” You may need HVAC repair or HVAC install, or you may not know what you need. As you make decisions about what to do, it is important to identify your issue and we can help.

It is also helpful to understand how the cooling process works as you look at your needs. In your home or office, cool air comes from blowing warm air from outside over cold coils in which coolant travels. The now-cooled air is blown through your vents. The coolant absorbs the heat from the air and moves outside where it is compressed into super-heated gas. Fans blow heat away from that gas to the outdoors so that the coolant turns to liquid, then is pumped back indoors where an expansion valve turns it to cold gas. Get more information on the cooling process. When you call us, try to be as specific as possible about your problem.

You may need an HVAC install if your current cooling or heating capacity is insufficient. In other words, if your air conditioning system is prevented from cooling your home to less than 75 degrees on a warm day, you may need a new or upgraded system. If your air conditioning capacity is sufficient, but it is not functioning, you may need a refrigeration system repair, which could mean needing more coolant, a new compressor, new coils, or even a new thermal expansion valve.

If any of the parts of the system are damaged, you may need HVAC repair or refrigeration system repair. If your system is old, inefficient, or incapable, ask about HVAC install or refrigeration system install. Our technicians have the expertise to handle all HVAC issues.

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