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Keep Boilers Working in San Francisco

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Rely on Northern Services Inc. To Keep Boilers Working Properly

Owners and managers of San Francisco Metro buildings and offices are pleased that they can rely on Northern Services Inc. (NSI), California’s premiere building and plant service company, to keep their facilities’ boilers working properly.

These San Francisco Metro office and building owners and managers are also fond of their city’s history, and are proud to relate that the California Gold Rush from 1848-55 turned the city from a quiet fishing village into the metropolis it is today. A man named James W. Marshall discovered gold in January 1848 at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma. News of the gold brought some 300,000 people to California, and the sudden influx of immigration and gold into the money supply reinvigorated the American economy. California became one of the few American states to go directly to statehood in the Compromise of 1850.  

Boilers are sturdy, reliable providers of heat for San Franco Metro buildings. However, when a boiler develops issues, fuel costs increase and the facility will become uncomfortably cold or hot. For example, the boiler’s thermostat — over time – may become inaccurate. When this happens, the temperature settings will be erroneous and the device will function improperly. There are also issues related to regular wear and tear, including leaks and rust that can result in dirty water, lack of heat, and water damage.

An efficient means of preventing serious damage is to properly maintain the unit by scheduling regular, professional maintenance programs administered by Northern Services Inc. This includes regular inspections and cleaning to prevent issues like rust from hindering boiler operations. Each well-trained and knowledgeable Northern Services Inc. technician is an expert, a specialist in commercial boiler repair and service. They know exactly where to look, and what to be on the lookout for.

NSI technicians maintain ASME and National Board certifications for all of their boiler work. In fact, each service technician is consistently trained in the latest techniques in industrial and commercial boiler repair and servicing.  

As a result, NSI’s technicians can provide full service for your boiler system, including a thorough cleaning to maintain the utmost in boiler efficiency. We also provide 24-hour boiler repair, and can offer custom preventative maintenance, including inspections, and will replace and/or retrofit a new boiler to meet your commercial and industrial business needs.

Every NSI technician is factory-trained for the purpose of installing and repairing any brand or style of equipment. And, if you are purchasing a boiler from Northern Services, it will be installed to factory standards by a skilled technician, which will also provide an energy cost savings. Each technician can install any gas or electric boiler system for various applications, as well as electric boilers for commercial applications such as laundries and car washes.

NSI also offers maintenance services that cover everything from cleaning to repairs for all boiler types, including gas and coal systems. Its annual maintenance program ensures the best boiler efficiency and savings, since inspecting and updating your boiler on a regular basis will increase its longevity and operational efficiency.

Northern Services Inc. can help building owners and managers reduce costs and safety incidents caused by sudden outages. With an emergency hotline available 24/7, NSI can deploy response personnel within hours. Boiler installations may be set up quickly, ensuring the process is done to the manager or owner’s exact specifications and satisfaction.

Northern Services Inc. (http://www.northernserviceinc.com/), which serves the San Francisco Metropolitan Area, is able to provide fast, reliable service and installation of boilers, chillers and data room air conditioners from its San Francisco headquarters. Established in 2005, Northern Services has established accounts with a range of highly reputable companies including Costco Wholesale, Sysco Foods and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. If you have questions or require service at any hour, please call 800 594-9205 or Email Northern Services at info@northernserviceinc.com for a free custom quote within 24-48 hours.

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