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It is easy to take for granted your air conditioning. That is, until it is not working properly. In the middle of summer, such a situation can make your life miserable and impact your business, especially if you live inland or in the southern part of the state. A number of companies, including Costco and Sysco Foods rely on our expert consultants to maintain the effectiveness of their cooling systems. We are very knowledgeable about AC unit repair and air conditioning unit install.

Generally, there are four main components of an AC system. The compressor is considered the heart of the system because it functions like a pump, but it also serves to change hot, liquid coolant into high pressure, superhot gas. This conversion is essential for your system to function properly. If your compressor is not working, your air conditioning unit repair could be rather expensive since this component will need to be repaired or replaced.

Another component is the condenser, which is part of the metal coil system through which the superhot coolant travels outdoors. The condenser enables heat transference from this coolant to the external air, which turns the gas into a liquid, and allows it to be reused in the cooling system. It also enables the AC to change the air in your building from hot to cool. If the condenser is not working, you will need air conditioning repair. Two more components, the expansion valve and the evaporator work together. The expansion valve regulates the amount of liquid coolant that can enter the evaporator, where it quickly expands and drops in temperature. These components may need replacement or repair.

It is possible that you will need an AC unit install if several components are malfunctioning or if your overall unit is old. Older units do not function efficiently, which means that you could be wasting money if you do not have a new air conditioning unit install.

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