Service and Installation of Air Conditioning in a Computer Room by Northern Service Inc.

Having proper air conditioning in a computer room or data center is important in ensuring that all the equipment installed in the space is functioning optimally. Well-functioning HVAC systems in computer facilities can also lessen the chances of system failures or system downtime due to overheating.

Northern Services Inc. specializes in commercial air conditioning and data center HVAC system installation, maintenance, and repair services. We know that having the right air conditioning system is essential to any type of business, and how it’s especially vital for data centers.

Our service specialists are trained to handle one of the best data center HVAC systems in the industry today, Liebert systems. Factory-trained and certified, our Liebert technicians have the expertise to work on your data center or computer room’s Liebert AC system.

Liebert HVAC

What type of Liebert HVAC system do you have in your computer room or data center? However simple or complex your system is, you can depend on us for installation, repairs, maintenance services, or replacement parts. Whether you have a high-density modular cooling system that utilizes an open or closed architecture, or your facility uses Liebert cooling Precision Air Handling Units (PAHU), our team knows how to handle such sophisticated equipment.

From large data room cooling systems to small computer room air conditioning cooling systems, look no further than NSI to provide you with excellent repair and installation services.

Do you use other air conditioning systems? Apart from Liebert air conditioning, we also specialize in Box Cars and Package Units.

Schedule a Visit

Do you want us to check the existing air conditioning in your computer room or data center? Don’t wait a minute longer. Give us a call at (800) 594-9205 so we can evaluate your current data center HVAC system or install a cooling system in your facility. We are available to answer your questions 24/7 and we’ll make sure to pay you a visit at the soonest possible time.

You can also request for a free quote directly on our website. Simply complete the Free Quote Form, click Send and we’ll get back to you no later than 48 hours after we’ve received your request.

NSI offers repair and installation services for several industries and establishments such as the following: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Offices, Bio Tech, Banks, Schools and Property Management.

Don’t wait for the air conditioning in your computer room or data center to completely break down before calling us. Contact us the minute you notice something amiss in the performance of your facility’s cooling system; we’ll have it running smoothly again in no time.

Located in San Francisco, California, we specialize in the service and installation of Chillers, Boilers, Refrigeration, Cooling Towers, Open Drives, HVAC, VFD’s and Energy Management Systems. All of our work and equipment is proudly warranted.

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