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As you know, if you manage the facilities at a data center, millions of dollar in equipment and data are in your hands. Besides having to be vigilant against hackers and other unwelcome visitors, you also have to make sure that your servers are operating at optimal capacity. You are well aware that these servers and the other electronic inhabitants of your data center are very picky about the ambient temperatures and humidity in which they will operate. You know not to let your center get above eighty degrees or below sixty four. You also know the importance that the relative humidity is above forty percent and below sixty percent.

While you may know that the environment of your center must meet the above requirements, you may not be well-versed in the best practices for data room HVAC. There are a number of server layouts that work best, as well as measurement best practices, and placement of air vents that will maintain your center environment.

Because most data centers are very large these days, it is best to rely on chillers rather than on conventional air conditioners to achieve your temperatures. A data center chiller will enable you to maintain the right temperatures across immense rooms of servers and other electronic equipment.

We have a great deal of experience with data center HVAC and use of a data room chiller for obtaining optimal conditions. Our installation and repair of your data center chiller will include accommodation of your equipment and air vent layouts. To achieve the correct humidity, we can use a number of methods, including the heating of water with a light and use of a fan to blow air over it so that the water vapor disperses.

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