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If your home or small business has an air conditioning system, it is likely a package one. This means that all of the components are included when the system is built at a factory. It also means that there is no opportunity for customization beyond selecting the particular tonnage capacity. Your home air conditioner will have a capacity of one to five tons and a commercial enterprise version offers five to 25 tons. Tonnage is related to the amount of heat that the air conditioner can remove in one hour. So, the larger the facility, the greater the tonnage required.

There are two types of package air conditioners. One is a window unit, which has a low tonnage and cools a small area. The other kind is the split level air conditioner, which is commonly understood as central air conditioning. A split level cools the whole house or building. It gets its name because part of the unit sits outside and part sits inside your home or facility. The part that is outside tends to be noisy because of the fan that helps vent the warm exhaust air outdoors. The part that is inside usually sits near the furnace and functions to cool your air.

There are many situations in which you may need package AC install or package AC repair. Older homes close to the coast were not built with air conditioning. As the weather heats up, you may decide to have a window unit or a central system installed. Or, you may decide that, after using a window unit, you would like a central package AC install.

If your central or window unit are not functioning properly, contact us about a package AC repair. Both window and split level units break down or start to function less efficiently over time. There may be a number of reasons for these problems. Our expert consultants will visit to determine the problem and provide the most cost effective remedy.

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