Your Box Car Chiller or Rooftop Chiller Unit May Need Our Expertise

Your house has a window or split level AC unit and your office has a larger unit sitting on the roof or on the ground. These package AC units do the trick for your purposes. On the other hand, the large facilities in which you shop or visit often install a box car chiller in order to provide the cool air needed for electronic equipment, food storage, and human comfort. The name “box car” derives from the appearance of this unit; it is a long, boxy, rectangle resembling its namesake on a train.

Often, a box car chiller will sit on the roof of the facility that it is cooling. This kind of placement protects it from vandals, while allowing access to technicians, and providing a convenient location for steam to vent from the heat transference process of the chiller. A rooftop chiller unit can cool at a rate of 30 to 150 tons as compared to a home unit which is one to five tons. As you might imagine, a box car chiller requires a fair amount of electricity to operate, but it actually is a very energy efficient means for cooling a large building.

On the other hand, if you are the facility manager for one of these buildings, you know that there are many ways that a poorly functioning rooftop chiller unit can cost your company extra money. Initially, you may find that the temperature in your facility is not staying at the right number. For a data center, this can cause millions in damage to electronic equipment.

There can be a number of reasons that your chiller is not working properly, which is why you need expert consultants, such as ours, to diagnose the problem. There could be a leak in a refrigerant or water line, fans could be broken, or compressors could be faulty. Our technicians will fix your chiller quickly, so that your business can get back to what it does best.

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