You May Need a Chiller Tower Install or Chiller Tower Repair

If you walk by a high school or a public building, you will often see a boxy-looking structure that is perhaps fifteen feet high, about twenty feet wide and ten feet deep. If the weather outside is cool, you may see steam rising out of the top of this structure. On warm days, you will hear the sounds of rushing water coming from this appliance, which is called a chiller and produces steam from the chiller tower. This tower enables a chiller to carry out its function of cooling the air inside of a facility. It operates like an air conditioner, but is more efficient for cooling facilities with high square footage.

The chiller pumps cold water throughout a large structure, removing heat from the air in the structure. Because of the dynamics of heat movement, the cold water absorbs heat from the air, thereby becoming warm. The heated water needs to cool back down so that it can be reused and this is where the chiller tower comes in. The hot water is dispersed on each side of the top of the tower onto fins or in droplets and air is blown over it so that the water cools down. The heat is vented through the top of the tower, which accounts for the steam that is sometimes seen. The cool water is then sent back to the chiller, where it is reused.

Because of all of the moving parts and pipes in the tower, there is often a need for chiller tower repair. Leaks can occur, fans can break down, fins become damaged, and pumps run into disrepair. Our consultants bring many years of experience in chiller tower repair so that your system is fixed fast and correctly.

Also, you may need a chiller tower install if your current system is antiquated or you are building a new facility. We bring much expertise to chiller tower install, as well. Make sure that you work with experienced consultants for proper chiller tower install.

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