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Northern Services takes pride in our quick response time when helping your company with emergency chiller needs. Our San Francisco team of factory trained service technicians and high-quality diagnostic equipment allows us to perform adjustments or repairs any time when you need us. Our professional technicians service all makes and models of process chillers, equipment and systems. With Northern Services as your partner, you can be sure all repairs are done right at a fair price.  We are also proud to offer York chillers, a product of Johnson Controls, for our San Francisco partners,.

YORK’s Water-Cooled Chillers have earned the trusted AHRI CertifiedTM, an assurance of the product’s performance.  Our highly trained San Francisco team at Northern Services has experience installing and repairing York chillers and is happy to offer these services to you.  Specializing in water-cooled chillers, York is one of our many energy efficient partners and we would enjoy sharing the wealth of products and services with you.   York offers the following industry standard chillers, and our team is trained in the installation and repair of all:

  • Centrifugal
  • Absorption
  • Screw
  • Scroll

When it comes to upgrading, installing or replacing an industrial chiller, in San Francisco, Northern Services can help design and recommend the right chiller to meet your specific needs. To minimize future repair bills, you may want to consider a Maxwell Maintenance Agreement. Our experts will tailor an agreement specifically to your needs and provide preventive maintenance to help you keep all your York chillers up and running efficiently.

Call the number one Industrial Chiller Servicer in San Francisco, Norther, Services toll free at (800)594-9205.  For questions and information regarding water-cooled chillers in San Francisco or surrounding areas, or a free estimate for our services, call or email us today.

Located in San Francisco, California, we specialize in the service and installation of Chillers, Boilers, Refrigeration, Cooling Towers, Open Drives, HVAC, VFD’s and Energy Management Systems. All of our work and equipment is proudly warranted.

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Building Services:

Supermarket Refrigeration
Cold Storage
Building Services
Property Managment
and more...

Type of Services:

Cooling Towers
Sheet Metal
Air Conditioning


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